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Cruise Overview

Princess is one of the most luxurious traditional cruises in Halong Bucht with a group of junks verifying from 1 to 5 deluxe cabins. Launched in September 2007 with 2 first private Junks named Princess I & Princess II which offer luxury and perfect services in the World Heritage of Halong ....

Cabins Information

Princess junks are fully-equipped, beautiful decoration of dinning room, a deluxe cabin with en-suite bathroom, sunbathing and relaxing area, a professional kitchen, a captain cabin and a separate staff area. Princess Junks will definitely give you a special private space and a trip of life ....


Fanny Vandaele French

Last week my partner and I were guests on a Princess Junk for a 3 day / 2 night trip to Halong Bay. We both came away with some great memories – the food was superb ( maybe even too much!) the presentation was brilliant, the facilities were good, the staff were exceptionally accommodating and very friendly even the staff of travel agency was looking after us at the Sheraton hotel. There was nothing they would not do for us.